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Date : 11.06.2005


Dear Dinesh Padwal,

                 You have planned my house within the minimum available space. In Month of April-May there is load shading of electricity for eight hours . In spite of that also, the adverse effect of outside temperature remains absent. This house has very good vaastu results. Many people from Mumbai , especially from the spiritual groups of VAAMANRAO PAI and PANDURANG SHAASTRI ATHAVALE, visit my house. They appreciate and state that, they have seen many houses but never found this type of pleasure and peace. Therefore, your name is mentioned specifically.

I am very much happy , enjoying the house.


S. J. Prabhu,


Hindale, Devgad

Testimonial From Mr. Shrikant K. Godbole
Asst. Eng., Bldg. Prop., P-Ward, B.M.C., Mumbai - 400067
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