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If I have hired a well-known and reputed architect why should I come to you?

Most of the reputed architects prepare the plans with the assistance of their juniors. Due to this it results into negligence and create blunders. The final plans prepared by the architects are further deeply scrutinized by me and the freshly redesigned plans/schemes are worked out with the additional benefits as mentioned in the Salient Features of the concept.

You claim that I will benefit in huge savings. How will I know that?

I will prepare a comparative statement along with redesigned plans/schemes which will be self explanatory, showing huge additional benefits and better planning etc.

You make quite a number of claims. Can you furnish any proof to substantiate these claims?

You hand over to me your final plans/ scheme prepared by your architect to be used for the fresh commencement of work on site. After the minute and detailed scrutiny, it will adhere with the claims. You can also refer to the illustrations given on the website in the Salient Features of the concept.

Do you mean to say you are better than the best?

No, I am not the best but confident enough to produce the redesigning i.e. the best architect/planner will ultimately stick to my design only.

Whether our architect should resign and you are to be replaced?
  No, Architect need not resign. He will follow my REDESIGNED SCHEME for the execution on site

accordingly. My role is limited like a surgeon/specialist only.

Will incorporating Vasstu principles in my design entail extra expenditure?

No, there will not be extra expenditure for incorporating Vasstu principles. Redesigning will incorporate all the vital factor of planning in micro and mini micro.

What are the tangible benefits of including Vasstu principles in architectural designs?

Vasstu itself is defined as a science of architecture. It does not attract any blind belief. Society has been misguided and mislead by the pandits and the non technical people. I redesign the plan/scheme to create healthier and prosperous human life. Application of Vasstu is free of blind belief in the redesigning, without any religious bar.

Can you furnish any testimonials of your work, particularly in the area of cost reduction, increase in carpet area, increase in life of structure?
Yes, testimonials are attached herewith.
What are your professional fees for redesigning?

My professional fees are 2% of estimated gross construction cost of the scheme [ In case of non selling schemes ] or 2% of the gross estimated sale value of the scheme or 25% of the extra estimated saving/profit whichever is more. Also depends upon the nature of work and is negotiable.


Professional fees for the preliminary scrutiny of your final plans (prepared by your architect)

  will not be charged.




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