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It is our pleasure to introduce the concept of redesigning (Before commencing the work on site freshly) in planning of architecture and townships, with a difference. Out of the experience of around 30 years (Since 1975) of independent professional practice in the jurisdiction of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and external areas, it has been observed that while planning of architectural designs and townships, micro and mini-micro aspects of planning are normally not considered by the planners and developers. Negligence of these important aspects at times results into wastage of spaces, increasing cost of construction, crammed utility areas, insufficient light and ventilation, reducing life of the structure, incompatible space to planned interiors and so on.

The Concept envisages Redesigning of existing Approved Architectural Plans in order to create Fresh Redesigned Approvable Plans in accordance with the Municipal Development Control Rules and Government Regulations with a view to Better Planning and Huge Savings.

The Concept is applicable to those who are desirous of commencing the construction / development work freshly on site in accordance with their existing approved / final plan and is like seeking SECOND OPINION before having a bypass heart surgery.



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