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1 ] A special service of Redesigning Architecture and Town planning with Vaastu:

       A ] You may send your final/approved plans/layouts prepared by your architects/planners
             for seeking SECOND OPINION before commencing fresh development/construction
             on site. Also send your detailed requirements. For the initial examination of your
             final plans, consulting fees are not charged.

      B ] On examination of your plans, if we offer you extra benefits, we will have a site visit for
             the inspection.

      C ] We will redesign the scheme as per your requirements with the better results and extra
            benefits as mentioned in the salient features Accordingly, the comparative statement
            will be sent you.

2 ] Preparation of plans for mass housing, commercial, educational, industrial projects
     etc. and townships/layouts for the fresh development.

3 ] Selection of plot for the fresh development.

4 ] Vaastu consultation.

5 ] General Consultation.




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