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●  What is VAASTU and How does the vaastu work ?

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What is VAASTU and How does the vaastu work?


I am Mumbai [ India ] based Architect and Vaastu consultant. I feel like bringing awareness in the society about architecture/Town planning and Vaastu. I have prepared a short note on it for mass circulation. Will you please help me in circulating among your friends and many others? You can forward the note through e-mails or whatever is convenient to you. I have framed this note on Vaastu after deep study of ancient as well as modern books with practical experience.

The subject VASTUSHASTRA is applicable not only to the human being, but also to every living being [insects, birds and animals etc.] existing in Nature. Every living being has its instincts to return to its VAASTU[ House/abode ] for relaxation after completing daily work [in case of animals etc.,search of food]. In short, VASTU is a place for the living being to take 'secured shelter with ventilation' by occupying required space. That's all. The living beings other than human being do construct/select VAASTU as taught by Nature itself. But the Human being………!

A constant rotation of GLOBE and the climatic conditions / seasons are highly influencing VAASTU. As per the above definition of VAASTU he constructs his shelter as per his requirements. The Requirements of every human being /group / society are different. Presently, we are planning VAASTU as per the present requirements. e.g. somewhere 25-30 years before a computer required a space more than 1000.0 sq.ft. with special care and maintenance. And now?…….. A PALM SPACE. WHAT IS VAASTUSHASTRA? It is nothing but a skill of planning /occupying a space as required, in relation to the directions. It also takes care of cosmic energy [ light, air, magnetic force, seismic forces etc.]

Therefore, ancient as well as modern VAASTU is nothing but the same.

HOW DOES THE VAASTU WORK? It is very simple. Human being is the only living being, whose everything depends upon his state of mind. Well planned and light/ventilated Vaastu/structures/townships, generate positive vibrations/effects in the mind [consciously / subconsciously with the auto suggestions] making human being healthy, efficient and prosperous subsequently. It is mere psychological effect. Nothing beyond that.

I have deeply studied ancient books on VAASTU as well as all the worldwide ancient civilizations [Indus valley, Egyptian, Greek-Roman, Persian, West Asiatic, Inca etc.] and the architecture and formed my own skill to make a human being healthy and prosperous. The factors mentioned in the salient features of mywebsite: www.archtpredesigning.com, are also equally important. I apply VAASTU principles globally without any blind belief, religious and cultural bar.

The only professionals who are architecturally qualified / registered with the Indian Council of Architecture, are authorized to act as Vaastu consultants, no one else. The architect is well trained during education for planning / occupying space in scientific manner. If you seek advise from unqualified bogus Vaastushastris / architects, engineers, pundits, astrologers etc., you will be exploited / victimized and land in trouble.

Dinesh S. Padwal
Consulting Architect,Redesigning architecture and Town Planning with VAASTU
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